ColorTag by Coach; Chance to Win a $500 Coach Giftcard!

MaeGal Coach logo

Welcome to ColorTag by Coach!

You can win from more than 100 giftcards ranging from $100- $500! All you have to do is watch my purple ColorTag below and see if a Coach Gift Card appears on top of the color swatch.

Continue on to learn more and to see my color swatch, and hopefully see a giftcard!

You may have noticed by now do to the font color I use in many of my blog related things, so naturally my favorite Coach color would have to be this perfect purple, #Purple2000.

Check out the color swatch below and see if you have a giftcard to win. Click on the ‘Official Rules’ link at the bottom of the swatch for more information and rules from Coach.

Pass it on through FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or embed it in a post.

Thanks for reading; pass it on for your chance to win!

I am not being compensated for this post, however I am being given entries into a blogger giftcard contest. Don’t forget you can win, too! All opinions are my own.