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Our flameless candles provide the perfect candlelight effect without the worry of traditional flame burning candles. Our pillar candles and round candles are artisan crafted in all of the most popular sizes, shapes and colors. Each candle has a blackened wick and is crafted from wax to look just like your favorite traditional wick-burning candles.”

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BatteryOperatedCandles.Net offers a variety of flameless candles from round candles, to seasonal candles, to outdoor goodies.

Just today I was talking to my mom about how the way to go now days is either soy candles or flameless candles, but the safety factor with us having cats makes the flameless candle a fun accessory that I just might have to buy my mom for Christmas.

This coming school year, I will be living in an apartment with my sister where I will be allowed to have real candles. However, it’s still much safer for apartment living so I don’t forget about the candle if I leave the room. I have a habit of leaving candles lit. Nothing has happened yet, but I’d like to keep it that way.

These battery operated candles would be great for dorm living. In the dorms, at least mine, you could never have an open flame. These candles would be the perfect accessory to add to your dorm room. In fact, these would make a great going-off-to-college gift for anyone you know going off the college and dorm living.

These candles to the right have a vanilla scent when the ‘burn’. The battery life is 700 hours, so you get nice use out of the batteries. 

There are also candles without scent and ones that have automatic on/off timers. So everyone can find a candle that fits their needs.

Do you like candles? Have you tried a flameless candle before?


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  1. I haven’t seen these before. This might be a good option for my classroom where I”m not allowed to have an actual candle or even a plug-in.

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