Smilies and ‘Haha’s in Post; What Do You Think?

So, I have a question for all. Up until this point, I have been trying to refrain from using various smilies and minimal chat-speak in my posts. These are the smilies and chat-speak I would like to use in my posts, mainly because I like for my sarcasm and other things to come across;

=) or =( 

The first, a smilie and sadface, etc., just incase I need a little face in my post. The second would be a winky face, which I like to use for the sake of humor or otherwise. The third is the little tongue out guy, which I use to denote sarcasm. And the last, for laughter, of course. Don’t worry, I’ll never use ‘LOL’. I just can’t personally handle many abbreviations. Weird thing of mine.

There are all things I use in texting and I don’t, or at least I try not to, overuse them. And I would be especially cautious in my posts. I’m just concerned it might not look as professional, but is it worth it or not…Hmm. But my question to you all is;

Should I use these in my posts, or try not to?
Comment, or vote below.