Book Review: The Gangster’s Daughter by Kendall Evans

“Jack Malone has one mission in Chicago —apprehend notorious gangster, Antonio Donnatelli. It shouldn’t matter that Donnatelli is using his daughter, Maria, to get close to Jack, to find out his weakness. Jack knows the man’s ways, and he can ignore the beautiful Italian lady with her mysterious brown eyes and soft voice. Until the gunfire starts. Then his need to protect her overcomes his duty.”

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I’m still learning how to review books. I want to be able to captivate the reader and make you all want to check out the book, but at the same time I want to be sure that I don’t give anything away. I’m still trying to figure out where the lines are drawn. If you have anything you like to hear in reviews, leave a comment letting me know.

I was sent a digital copy of “The Gangster’s Daughter” to review. As much as digital copies are easier to receive than having to wait for mail to arrive, this will be the last digital book I review. They’re just not the same. I like to hold a book, and reading a book on my computer just doesn’t do it for me. But, the one great thing about digital books like this one, and TONS more from is that the books are all $1.99, much less expensive than you’ll ever find for a hard copy.
“The Gangster’s Daughter” is a relatively short book with a fun, easy to read plot line. This seems like one of those books that makes a perfect lounging-around-during-summer read. This book belong to the romance genre, which is not something I usually opt to read. However, I do like the whole old gangster, 1920s thing, so I thought this might be a fun book to read. And I was right. I did enjoy this book.
There was a bit of Christian/Faith/Religion subject matter, which is even less me than Romance Novels, but I guess I don’t so much mind it every now and then. I don’t think it was overdone too much.
Kendall Evans: I read some reviews on Amazon from Evans’ other books. All have received good reviews. It seems reviews liked Evans’ style of writing, her settings, and her characters. Based on my reading for her one book, I would have to agree with these. I tried to find some sort of ‘About’ website for the author, but was unable to find one.
All in all, for only $1.99, I’d recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable, short read. Though it’s not my usual genre, I still enjoy it.
Recommended for readers who like: Romance, Historical Fiction, 1920s, Inspirational Books

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