Review: Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints is a website that allows you to print your own photos on canvas. Pictures that are printed on canvas give off a nice, professional look. Rather than being reflective like normal photographs, canvas prints have a great, matte finish. Best of all, Easy Canvas Prints makes it fast and simple to upload your own photograph, customize a bit, and order your canvas!

Continue on to read my review and to see a picture of the canvas photo I received!

The first time I saw a canvas printed photograph was about five years back at a local music festival. I was cruising the vendor stands and came across a canvas photograph of the Slot Canyons at Antelope State Park in Page, Arizona. It was because of this picture that my mom actually planned out trip to Arizona in the Summer of 2009. We visited Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Bryce National Park and Arches National Park, and of course the Slot Canyons. They were beautiful. I think I have a picture on my FaceBook page still. The point of this little tale is that canvas can make your photographs look even better than you expect.

For my review, I was able to upload a photograph of my own and get it printed on canvas and shipped to me. The process of uploading and ordering was fast and easy. I played around with my options and it was still fast. The picture turned out well and is a nice size, even with it being the smallest option they offered. I’m excited to take town the printed on computer paper picture I current have.

I really suggest you check it out. These would make great gifts.

Excuse the purple splatter on my boyfriends face. I thought I would respect his privacy. Knowing him, he’d appreciate it. But there I am. This picture was the end of my Freshman year of university, the year we met. Ah, how I love him. =) The picture is a little ‘liney’ looking but that isn’t the printing, that’s my camera picking up some of the texture in the piece.

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What do you think about photos printed on canvas?