Review: Oasap, Deliver Fashion & Love is an online website for fashion lovers. Oasap is a ‘high-street fashion online store’ whose goal is to ‘deliver fashion & love’. They’re site features a number of fashionable items such as dresses, shoes, accessories, beauty and more.

Enjoy this weeks Fashion Friday post.

Continue on to see the Oasap products I reviewed, and learn about how you can blog for Oasap!

Here is a full length shot of the top/dress I received, so you can get the idea of what it looks like in full. As you can see, it’s a top/tunic on me and even on my very slender sister. It was only a dress on the model. Haha.

I chose to pair this top with black leggings and black boots. I like the simplistic nature of this outfit. Though these leggings are pretty thick and you can’t see my underwear, I would still probably substitute black skinny if I were in public.

Another way I though I would like to wear this outfit would be with a pair of black skinnies and these gray Converse I just bought a month ago or so. I think that outfit would go nicely with my more casual personal style.

Where’d I Get That From?
Shirt:, $18.50
Ring:, $10
Leggings: Forever21, $5.80
Boots: GoodWill, $8 

My eyes are colored, because, well…bad face day. Haha.

Here is the detail of the neckline right under my chin, a little weave pattern with the tops fabric and silver hoops.

The whole top was very light and flowy with a nice, cinched waist detail. The fit was very comfortable.

Here is the jeweled detail on the sleeve of the top. The sleeves fit loosely and have an open, airy feel to them. The rhinestones add a nice, decorative flair, which is not something I usually like, but it works with this top. 

Here is a claw ring I received from Oasap. I love the look of this ring. It’s really sturdy and edgy looking. I quite like it and am glad it fits my finger pretty well, as there was only one size to pick from.

Oasap Fashion Hunter Program
Oasap’s Fashion Hunter Program gives you freebies likes these above is exchange for a post your your blog (or lookbook or chictopia) account.
If you join through this invite link below and are approved into the program, I’ll get $8 credit to the site. Invite your friends so you can get money, too!

All in all, I was very pleased with my Oasap order and look forward to working with them again.
What do you think of Oasap?


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