Mae’s Musings: Spanking {Discussion & Poll}

Spanking is one of those somewhat controversial issues where there are strong opinions on both sides of the topic, as well as a multitude of individuals somewhere in between. Being an opinionated person, I have an opinion on the matter, of course. So please feel free to read what I have to say and tell me what you think.

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Though my cynical side may agree with the ‘people suck’ statement, the previous line represents the exact opposite of my personal feelings. If you want to skip the whole post, in short, I am very against spanking. Now it should be noted that I am not yet a mother, so I don’t have experience in that way. My opinion is based on my extensive work in the child care industry, my upbringing, and my parents upbringing (during the 50s and 60s). That being said, here is my opinion. I encourage you to vote in the poll and comment below, thanks.

There are other forms of discipline, like consequences.
‘Consequences’ are what my sister, Kelsey, and I had in store for us when we got into trouble in our youth. The joy of consequences is that they could change to be appropriate depending on our age and the ‘crime’. When my sister and I were younger, our consequence would sometimes be the loss of our Mom reading us a bedtime book. This was always quite the catastrophe. Another common move was for us to loose the privilege of playing with our pet chickens, also quite the sentence.

Spanking makes violence acceptable.
To me it seems that spanking teaches your children that violence is an acceptable response. I have also always found it ironic as a form of punishment in an event of, say, a child hits a sibling and then the parent spanks the child. How is what the child did to the sibling any different then your choosing to spank your child? How is the child able to see the difference?

Physical discipline is a form of child abuse.
As far as I have always felt, spanking your child or using any other sort of physical discipline is a form of child abuse. Though I don’t want to get too much into my families privacy, my Dad was spanked as a child, most likely to the point that it might be considered child abuse by todays standards. The whole idea of spanking seems pretty outdated to me based on all the new studies and new understandings about child development.

Spanking is a cop-out. At leas that’s how I see it. It’s a lot easier to simply spank your child and tell them ‘no’ than it is to sit them down, talk and discuss why they are receiving a consequence. I have always felt that it is very important to talk to your child about why what they did wasn’t appropriate/respectful/safe so they can learn from their mistakes and grow. I know a lot of parents who spank also do this, but it’s always seems very bizarre to me to talk to your kid and then spank them after. Seems unnecessary.

My parents never spanked me, hit me, or otherwise physically disciplined me.
I think my sister and I turned out pretty good, don’t you? 
You CAN find other ways to discipline your child in a way that won’t physically harm them. Raising kids is HARD, I’m sure I don’t have the slightest clue, but you CAN discipline your children in a better way.

So, what is your opinion on spanking?
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