Tip Tuesday: How to Find Sponsors for Giveaways

How to Find 
Sponsors for Giveaways

I hope you will enjoy this weeks ‘Tip Tuesday’ post. I’m trying to bring it back again, wish me luck! It’s hard to think of weekly things I can give tips on, so comment below if you have ideas!

Being a giveaway blogger, I have a couple different ways I contact companies about sponsoring a review or giveaway. Though companies sometimes email you, most often I use these websites to acquire sponsors.

Continue on to learn a bit out the sites and sign up.

Again, your success will vary based on your blog stats, followers and other factors. The sites that work well for me might not be great for you, and vise versa.

Tomoson {Click Here to Sign Up}

Tomoson allows you to browse from items to apply to review. These items have requirements posted so you know where or not to apply right away (follower numbers, Alexa, etc.). I’ve received a couple review/giveaway opportunities through Tomoson.

Business 2 Blogger {Click Here to Sign Up}

Business 2 Blogger allows you to view pitches companies make to bloggers. If you like the pitch you can apply. B2B offers products to review/giveaway as well as paid posts and monetary compensation. I have gotten a couple offers through B2B.

PitchRate {Click Here to Sign Up}

PitchRate allows you to sent a general PR pitch to a site that has many different companies review your pitch to see if they are interested. I always post a pitch here where I sign up for a giveaway hop. I’ve gotten several opportunities through PitchRate.

Bloggerdise {Click Here to Visit}

Bloggerdise offers a wide variety of companies offering coupons, services, and review opportunities. This site is a bit different as you just see the sponsors information and have to email them separately. I have received products for review and giveaway from these source.

Oasap {Click Here to Join}

Oasap is an online high-street fashion website that offer bloggers the opportunity for earn $8 credit for referrals and $30 credit to receive items for review on your blog. Thus far I have only done one post for them, but I liked the products I received and enjoy the review.

Do you know of any other sites like these?


8 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: How to Find Sponsors for Giveaways

  1. Thanks for listing these resources! I am fairly new at hosting my own giveaways and reviews, so it is good to know what to do to attract sponsors.

  2. This is a great list of resources. I have heard of most of these, but not all of them, so I’m going to check them out. In addition to sites like these, I also find that a lot of businesses are happy to sponsor reviews and giveaways just by being pitched directly. It can’t hurt, and what’s the worse that can happen, they say no?

  3. I’ve been interesting in finding sponsors for different giveaways on my blog. So this was extremely helpful! Thank you!

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