Tip Tuesday: Resources to Make Money Blogging

Resources to Make 
Money Blogging

My blogging is both enjoyable and a great way to earn a little extra cash. As a student, that’s always something I can use. Depending on your level of dedication and stats, you will end up earning more or less from these sites. 

Continue on to see the sites I use to make money blogging.

Successes vary by the month, the number of followers you have and other factors. Some months I’ll make $50 using one of these sites, other months I won’t make anything. Some of these sites use to not give me money, but now do (and vise versa). You’ll have to try out what works for you. 

SwagBucks {Click Here to Join}

SwagBucks is a website that allows you to earn points through searching the web, playing games, taking polls, taking surveys and more. You can convert points into giftcards from various places, or into prizes. I’ve received iTunes giftcards, giftcards for giveaways, and I am currently waiting to receive a 4-sided grater from them.

Social Spark {Click Here to Join}

Social Spark offers opportunity to write sponsored posts for your blog. You can pick what posts you want to write based on what suits your blog. You can negotiate the prize, but the average is $15 a post. Social Spark also offers an ad program that I get some money through. I’ve written several posts for them in the past. I was able to find posts I felt suited my blog and readers.

SponsoredTweets {Click Here to Join}

SponsoredTweets allows you to get paid to write Tweets. You can choose from Pay Per Click options or pay per tweet. Sponsored Tweets is owned by Izea Media, as is Social Spark. I haven’t made that much money through this program, but I’ve enjoyed it. It varies as to getting opportunities.

LinkVehicle {Click Here to Join}

LinkVehicle offers you an opportunity to write website reviews or post ad text links to your blog. You get $10 per review and $2.50 per ad link. I’ve just started using LinkVehicle and already had three opportunities. 

ShareASale {Click Here to Join}

ShareASale is an affiliate site that allows you access to many different affiliate programs. I am currently an affiliate of two sites on ShareASale. I haven’t earned anything yet, but I look forward to doing so.

What are some resources you use?


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