Review: TheByrd on Etsy {#Sarahs21st Sponsor}


TheByrd is an Etsy-based accessory store features bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other handmade accessories. It is run by Robyn Lee, a one of a kind designer. For review, I was sent a leather bracelet.

Continue on to read my review and see the bracelet. 

Coronatus. Braided Leather Multi-Wrap Bracelet. Multi Colors Available

This is the picture features on TheByrd on Etsy.
I managed to misplace my bracelet in my fit of cleaning my room,
so until I find it again, this picture will do. My bracelet looked similar.

I was quite excited when the package arrived in the mail. I’ve always loved jewelry and bracelets are one of my most worn accessories. I have two bracelets that I wear 24/7, so I’m always looking for more bracelets to be paired with them. This bracelet is a bit too big for all the time wear, but it’s great to pair with many different outfits due to its neutral colors.

The bracelet itself is well crafted with nice pieces of colored ‘leather string’. I’m not sure ‘leather string’ is the right term, but you get the idea. The bracelet fit a little loose, like I specified to Robyn I liked. The bracelet is loose, but it stays in place comfortably.

Robyn was a pleasure to work with. It’s nice to know your accessories are being crafted with care. I would recommend anyone who likes jewelry and accessories to go check out her shop. Even if you don’t buy, you should go look at all the nice pieces.

Thanks for reading!


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