Mae’s Musings: Languages


I’ve always had such a great amount of respect and awe for people who can speak multiple languages. It’s such an amazing and quite helpful gift to have. With so many international business relations now days, it’s such an excellent skill to be able to speak another language. It would be so great to know just one other language. I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to speak five language, like Audrey Hepburn! Wow.

I took a year of Spanish in 10th grade and two quarters of Spanish in 11th grade through my community college. I could do the class just find, but I never really had a good grasp of the language, in my opinion. I remember next to nothing now. I recall basic vocabulary, but I don’t have any of the conjugations down. 

When we went to Mexico this summer my sister and I both remembered enough Spanish between the two of us to be okay, but where we were most of the locals spoke English, too. I did force myself to order lunch in Spanish once, just because. I really should take some more classes and try and pick it up more. Spanish is a very helpful language to know living in the US. It’s basically our second language.

My Mom has always hoped she had enough money to hire a housekeeper who would talk to my sister and I in her native language so we would learn a second language. Not a bad plan, but alas she opted for a job she loves versus an income that supported her lavish dreams. 

I’ve often joked about only letting my kids watch TV that was in Spanish so that at least they’re forced to learn another language if they want to watch TV. Of course, they won’t be watching much TV until they’re much old. I should write a post about TV and children, very interesting information I’m acquired throughout my short life.

If you could learn ONE language, what would it be? What languages do you already speak?

I would love to learn Italian. I don’t know why, but I just really love it.
Greek, Latin and Norwegian would also be fun.


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