Tip Tuesday: Increase Your Chances of Winning a Giveaway

Increase Your Chances of 
Winning a Giveaway

Through entering many giveaways as well as hosting many giveaways, I’ve learned a thing or two about increasing your chances of winning a giveaway through some simple tips, some obvious and some possibly unknown.

Continue on to learn how you can increase your chances of winning a giveaway!

1. Enter as many giveaways as you can. You can increase your chances of winning by entering as many giveaways as you are interested in. The more you enter, the better the odds. Plus, some bloggers even offer more entry points for entering more of their giveaways.

2. Complete as many entry options as you can. Similar to number one above, the more entry options you complete, the more points you get (for Rafflecopter), the better your odds of winning are.

3. Check the Rafflecopter form for entry options you can do daily. A lot of bloggers offer entry options that you can do daily, like Tweeting about this giveaway. Check the RC form for these options and be sure to bookmark the blog so you can go back and do daily options for more points.

4. Make sure to verify you’re following. If you complete a FaceBook or Twitter follow entry option, be sure to check and see that you are following who you say you are. I have gone to select winners before, but I verify my winners and have had to pick another winner because the person is not following me.

5. Check your email, and junk/spam folder. I, along with most other bloggers, email our winners. I give bloggers 48 hours to email me back, or another winner will be picked. Make sure that around the time the giveaway ends you are checking your email daily. And don’t forget about your junk/spam folder! 

Remember, only enter giveaways you are truly interested in. It isn’t fair to others if you enter a giveaway you don’t really care about winning. 
I hope you found these tips useful, and hopefully they will be of some help to you in your winning endeavors.

Have you ever won a giveaway?


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