Review: ‘Unlocking Your Brilliance’ by Karen D. Purcell

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Unlocking Your Brilliance: Smart Strategies for Women to Thrive in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math by Karen D. Purcell, P.E. is a book that focuses on increasing the number of women working and studying in the STEM areas. I was excited to read this book and help to spread news of it. I myself have never been too interested in these categories, but it’s so important that more women become interested in these areas.

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Just a note to start with, I have to compliment the cover. I’m a big sucker for nice, clean looking book covers that are interesting enough to attract my attention. It’s always nice to be able to accurately judge a book by its cover.

Here are a couple paragraphs from Amazon talking about this book. Of the reviews I saw on Amazon, there were all high ratings across the board, and I’d have to agree.

Even though Karen Purcell excelled in math and science in high school, nobody ever talked to her about a career in the STEM fields. Finally, in her senior year, when she was frantically trying to decide on a college and course of study, her physics teacher commented that she should consider engineering. Lack of exposure was the first hurdle that Karen would face on her path to success as an engineer and entrepreneur, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. 

Tackling an important social issue from a personal perspective, Karen describes the trajectory of her own career in engineering, including the struggles she endured. Through her story and stories from women in other fields, she explores the hurdles women in the male-dominated STEM world must overcome and offers pragmatic strategies for moving beyond them. From gaining exposure to occupations early in life to earning the respect of male colleagues to balancing a personal life with career pressures, Karen will empower you to realize your full talents. 

Part inspiration, part strategic career advice, Unlocking Your Brilliance can help you pursue your passions and leverage your talents to create the professional and personal life you

I enjoyed reading this book. Karen writes well and makes an interesting topic entertaining to read about. As someone who is currently in a place in my life where I will need to look into a career, I found this book to be helpful. Though I already have my major and it’s not really a STEM major, I still found the information valuable. I’m a Sociology Major, so technically I’m in a Science field, but it’s a Social Science, which is a bit different. As a Sociologist, I was fascinated to learn more about the types of stereotypes and issues women in these fields face.

This book would make a great gift for any mother with daughters, high school aged girls or even college aged girls (it’s never too late!). Mothers would enjoy this book as a learning to to help guide their daughters into exploring STEM subjects. Students would enjoy learning how they can help further their dreams of a STEM career, or for general career knowledge.
I urge you to check out Karen’s website to buy the book, learn more, and for tons of other great resources.

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One thought on “Review: ‘Unlocking Your Brilliance’ by Karen D. Purcell

  1. Interesting! Our school system just opened a new STEM school. It’s quite the talk around here. And I, too, judge books by their cover!

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