Makeup Monday: MAC Cosmetics Overview- ‘Office Hours’ Collection

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As I still don’t have internet to my laptop yet and am using my sisters, I haven’t been able to create my cute little ‘features’ logo (I made one!)  for this new ‘Makeup Mondays’ feature that I will try to make happen every Monday I don’t have a MyMemoriesSuite post going live.

About the ‘Office Hours’ Collection from MAC Cosmetics;

“She’s a glamorous go-getter with nothing temp about her! Full-time, overtime-her makeup, like her day, goes on and on. What she loves: the no-fade staying power of these M∙A∙C Pro Longwear formulas – including new M∙A∙C Pro Longwear Blush.” ~

Continue on to read my overview of the collection. 

pro longwear eyeshadow maegal

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow
Available in 9 colors, $21.00 each

This collection features a variety of neutral eyeshadows, with some blues and oranges for the more daring.

pro longwear lipglass maegal

Pro Longwear Lipglass
Available in 8 colors, $19.50 each

This collection features some great lip colors, from your classic reds and pinks, to your nudes and neutrals, and even a couple fun colors like a light lilac shade.

pro longwear blush maegal

Pro Longwear Blush
Available in 8 colors, $23.50 each

This collection features blush colors that would suit any skin tone, from neutrals to pinks and even an orange.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I use to write MAC Cosmetic overviews every now and then with the release of a new collection on ‘MaeGal’s Makeup’. (Anyone an old reader from that blog, remember the posts?) Anyway, I thought I would give it a go again and see how you guys like it.

Ideally I will do overviews for other companies in the future. Because as much as I enjoy the look and quality of MAC products, I have never actually owned any of their products, just played with them in stores and from my friends collection.

You can view this collection here:

Do you own any MAC Cosmetics?

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