It’s That Time of Year Again, Back to School We Go

Tomorrow (well, technically today now) is my first day back to school post summer vacation. If all ends up going as planned, I’ll be graduating this June with my B.A. in Sociology (and a minor in Humanities). Therefore, tomorrow will be my last first day of a new school year ever. WOW, what a lot of mixed emotions that entails.

Though I am over joyed at being close to the end of my schooling career, the impending future that it brings is a bit overwhelming. School is all I have ever know for the past (almost) 21 years of my life. Elementary school, middle school, high school, boarding school, community college through my high school, and finally university.

I’m thinking perhaps I’ll make occasional posts talking about important events, achievements, and years in my school career, as a sort of farewell to this part of my life as I enter my final year.

Note: This also means that school will again become my primary priority. Excuse any slack in posts as I adjust to my new schedule. Blogging is very important to me, but it takes second next to school.

If you went to college, what did you study/major in?
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