Review: NewGreens Berry | Win a 30-Day Supply! | Ends 10/22

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NewGreens Berry was developed by Pure Prescriptions to help those who don’t get enough fruits and vegetables each day. Just one scoop of NewGreens Organic provides 15 servings of fruits and vegetables, as well as superfoods, antioxidants like Brazilian Acai, Goji berries and Noni fruit, and an energizing blend that’s great for pre- or post-workout without the caffeine of other green drinks. Each pouch contains a 30-day supply. Non-GMO and certified organic fruit and vegetables are used in NewGreens Berry, plus it’s vegan and gluten free – with no artificial flavors, colors or dyes, sugar, or dairy.”

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For review, I was sent a pouch of NewGreens Berry. One pouch contains a 30-day supply if you use one scoop a day with the provided scoop. One scoop of NewGreens Berry contains 15+ servings of fruit and vegetables. You can click here to view the nutrition information and learn more about the product. I look a picture, but I left it small, so it’s impossible to read.

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I was excited for the opportunity to review NewGreens Berry. For the first several days I was here in my new apartment, things were a bit hectic, so I wasn’t always eating the best meals. It was nice being able to have a glass of this pink drink and know I was getting more than a full serving of my daily fruits and vegetables.

As for the sampling, I really liked how it tasted. I have to admit, at first the flavor sounded a bit weird to me, but after having in 3 times, I grew to link the taste. I found that I liked it best when mixed in with milk or soy milk. Plus, that way you get some calcium and protein mixed in. Which reminds me that one morning I added a scoop of my sisters protein shake mix, just to add a boost of protein. It turned out well, the berry flavor over powering the protein powder flavor I’ve never really liked. They also sent along a plastic shaker, so I was able to easily mix my drink. 

All in all, I would certainly recommend NewGreens Berry for anyone who is looking to add a supplement to their diet. This also makes a pretty nice breakfast shake.

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7 thoughts on “Review: NewGreens Berry | Win a 30-Day Supply! | Ends 10/22

  1. After reading about NewGreens Berry I think that it would be a great way to get more fruits and veggies in my diet. I would definitely try it as a breakfast shake! Thank you for the giveaway!!

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