Review: Auric Blends {#Sarahs21st Sponsor}

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Auric Blends offers a collection of over 40 fragrances that allow you to choose the perfect aroma for any moment or mood. If you are looking for flirty and floral, we’ve got you covered; exotic and intense, look no further; warm and sensual, you’ve got to try Egyptian Goddess, our top seller.” ~ from Auric Blends 

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For review, I was sent three roll on perfumes and a large spray perfume. I wrote the scents I received in the caption of the image below, corresponding to the specific jar. Unfortunately the picture is not as clear as I would like it to be, but some times my camera has ‘bad camera days’. 

I’m not the best as describing smells, but I’m going to smell each one and then write a couple lines trying to explain the smell. Check out Auric Blends’ website for their description of each perfume, I promise it really will be better than the couple words I can provide. 

auric blends perfumes via maegal
Water Goddess; 
light, floral, lilies.

Desert Night; deeper, romantic.   

Love; light, sweet, floral. 

Egyptian Goddess; Medium tones, airy.

< Left to right:

Water Goddess, Desert Night, Love, & Egyptian Goddess.

I can’t quite decided, but my favorite is a toss up between ‘Water Goddess’ and ‘Love’. Both of these scents are more on the floral side of things, which I like. I don’t wear perfume that often, but lately I’ve enjoyed wearing these two scents, as well as trying out the others. I certainly still like ‘Desert Night’, but it’s more of an evening perfume, in my opinion. I like ‘Egyptian Goddess’, but I feel like it’s more of an appropriate scent for someone older in age. There is a bit of a powdery undertone in the smell of ‘Desert Night’ and ‘Egyptian Goddess’ which may be while I prefer those less.

EDIT: I forgot to mention! These have great staying power. For instance, I put on ‘Love’ around 8PM last night and I can still very much smell it this morning, 13 hours later. Mind you I was sleeping, no moving around, but I’ll wear it again today are track how long it lasts and how much it fades by the time I get home a little after 5. That’ll be plenty long of a test.

All in all, I would recommend giving some Auric Blends scents a try. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of ‘Egyptian Goddess’, it’s one of their best sellers, so clearly others like it! Perfumes are one of those things that are difficult to really judge, as everyone has their own tastes and scents they like best. But Auric Blends in certainly a great company to check out.

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What kinds of perfumes do you like (floral, musky, etc.)?

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