Last Minute Halloween Idea: Hawaiian Girl

Hawaiian Girl

So, from now until Halloween, if decided I’ll make short little posts like this with a quick, last minute costume idea, some perhaps more last minute than others. I hope you enjoy them!

Continue on to read my Last Minute Halloween Idea perfect for a Luau themed party or Halloween!

Halloween: Luau maegal

This is one of those Halloween costumes perfect for a last minute costume when the party is, tonight. 

For this look all you need is a wrap skirt, bikini top and flip flops. Add a lei if you happen to have one around. If you want more coverage or warmth, pair this outfit with leggings and a Hawaiian button down shirt. You could also hair a t-shirt under the bikini top. (I’d be doing this for the coverage. I’m not one to be have naked.)

Don’t have a wrap skirt or Hawaiian shirt? Try using a scarf for a skirt and just a regular button down for an over shirt. 

Be Creative!
Here are some ideas to customize your outfit, depending on the time you have and supplies.
1. Create a lei using string, fabric and scissors. Cut out uneven edged circles of fabric, poke a whole in the middle and string them on a long piece of string for a lei necklace. You could also try gluing them. If you have fake flowers lying around (or found at the Dollar Store) you could also use those.

2. Create your own Hawaiian shirt. If you don’t have a Hawaiian shirt but perhaps a white button up lying around that you don’t wear, try this. If it’s long sleeved, chop off the sleeves. Then use acrylic paint to pain on your own floral, Hawaiian pattern. Perhaps print out flower stenciles online.

What are you and/or your kids being for Halloween?

disclaimer maegal

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Note: This post contains a paid link. 
The post is my own thoughts and idea. 
See disclaimer above.

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