Review: Modern Greetings (FREE Photo Book!)

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Modern Greetings is a online photo book, greeting card invitation, stationary and more website. They offer tons of customization options to suit your needs. Make custom invitations for any occasion or event, create a photo book for a vacation, design birth announcements and much more.

Continue on to read my review and to get your FREE photo book (everyone who wants one gets one)!

For review, I was given the opportunity to great my own photo book. (Learn how you can get your very own free photo book below.) I’ve previously purchased a photo book and included some of my favorite pictures, more of the ‘photography’ variety. For this photo book from Modern Greetings, I chose to make a ‘friends and family’ one complete with only pictures of my friends and family.

photo book maegal
Here is the cover of my photo book. (It’s crystal clear in real life.)
From left to right: myself, my sister and my mom on our trip to Mexico.
I’ve used another photo book service before, but I’d have to say, I certainly prefer Modern Greetings. I was able to fully customize my photo book all from their website without having to download any programs or visit any other site. You can simply upload your photos to their online program and set up your photo book (or invitations or announcements or what not) right there and customize them to your liking. When you’re done, simply continue on to place your order.

The quality of these photo books is really great. The cover is in a nice, sleek material. The book itself is well bound and made. All of the pictures come out just as good as the quality in which they were uploaded. (In fact the program even lets you know if you should shrink you photograph so it won’t become pixelate upon printing, all changes you can make right there).

All in all, I found it quite easy, fast and fun to make my photo book. These photo books would make a great holiday gift! Share pictures of your children with grandparents, make a photo book fo your families vacation, or so many more ideas.

You can also use Modern Greetings to make your customizable holiday pictures/ cards to send out this year!

Simply click here for your FREE photo book. Enter your email address and then you will be sent an email with instructions on how to redeem your free photo book. It’s that easy!

Question: What do you plan to do with your photo book?

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