Makeup Monday: New Products from e.l.f.

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So, per my usual every once a month or so browsing of e.l.f., I’ve stumbled across some new products, three of which I really must have. Below are a couple of the new products that caught my eye, though I’ve managed to rationalize talking myself out of two of the products.

Continue on to see pictures of the products I speak of!

New Products from e.l.f. maegal

Eyelash Curler Replacement Pads~FINALLY! Hooray! I was super excited when I found out that e.l.f. now sells replacement pads. I was about to buy another curler form the (my third) which I was really not looking forward to doing, as it’s rather wasteful, so I am SO pleased to see I can now just buy the pads. So I’m buying plenty. Ha.

Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick~I’m pretty excited to try out these shadow sticks and see how they compare to the ever popular NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I own a couple of those, but they’re a little bit more pricey. I’m buying two of e.l.f.’s and we’ll see how it goes.

Oil Free Maximum Coverage Concealer~
I’ve tried other e.l.f. concealers and have liked them somewhat, so I’m excited to try this one out and see how it stands up against the others. My current favorite concealer from jane. cosmetics is also oil free, so I’m hoping it’s a similar consistency. (Though lately I’ve been wear next to no makeup. I go through phases.)

Baked Eyeshadow Palette~
I’ve lately started to enjoy baked eyeshadows, I have a couple, so I thought this palette was super awesome. That being said, I’m resisting my urge to buy it as I already have WAY too many eyeshadows, and way to many e.l.f. eyeshadows.

HD Blush~
This is another product that I really want to try out, as it looks great, but I really can’t justify buying it as I already own way too many blushes considering how infrequently I wear them. But perhaps I’ll try it some time. It really does look great.

Keep posted for possible reviews! It’s really time I get back into making YouTube review videos, or at least blog posts.

Question: Have you ever tried any e.l.f. products?

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