Fashion Friday: Funky Fashionable Freaky Fun Shoes {Guest Post}

This weeks Fashion Friday post is brought to you via a Guest Post by Maria. You can read about the author at the bottom of her article, below. This is a great post! Enjoy learning about some funky fashionable freaky fun shoes. ~ Sarah
Pretty dress-check; make up- check, accessories-check and shoes-? Yes this is the common problem every woman encounters when she plans her outfit. Your foot wear plays an important role in your attire. There are various kinds of footwear to select from; flats, boots, heels, wedges, flip-flops, casuals, the list continues.  You feel wonderful the whole day when your friends look at your shoes and appreciate it and that is possible only when you make the right choices or it might end up looking gaudy. You have a wide variety to choose from and pump up your look. If you are looking to try out something new and interesting which you have never tried then here is a guide to help you pep up that look. A pair of fabulous and funky shoes is a must in every woman’s closet.

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This season try funky and freaky shoes to make your personal style statement. Colours play vital role hence prefer electric blues, reds and fuchsias. Team them accordingly; go for a white shirt teamed with cream or white cotton trousers and match them up with electric blue or fuchsia wedges. You will definitely turn heads.  Rocket Dog has some amazing fall collections. They have beautiful pieces in great colours and pick up the one that denotes you and make your entrance.
Chinese Laundry offers you the perfect freaky shoes. Get a pair which Lady Gaga has popularised and become a diva. You can select from huge collection of the freakiest shoes which are available in different shades, colours and even bling. You can try their heels and wedges which come in different shapes giving them the uniqueness and add the dash of funk to your wardrobe.
If you want to enjoy the punk look then invest on a pair of Hot Topic shoes. You can get your style redefined by this pair. They provide you with fabulous collection of funkiest footwear in vibrant colours. So next time if you want to get that perfect gothic look, ensure your shoes have that gothic factor.
Another such brand which provides you with awesome funky shoes is Naughty Monkey. The prices are reasonable and you can buy a lovely pair that suits your personality. You can chose from various shades from nudes, bright, electric, pastels and so on. These are a few amongst the others that I can remember right now, which provide you with excellent, remarkable footwear collection.
Here are a few tips to choose funky shoes:
  • Shape matters so to have freaky pair look out for the shape
  • Funky needs colour and patterns
  • Invest in electric greens, blues, pinks and that awesome flashy yellow so as to dazzle up the outfit
  • Include different styles and the shape of the heel is important
  • Black is a safe bet. Next time you want to play safe, opt black
  • There are various patterns such as animal prints, plural prints, animation, characters and so on
  • Invest in a good pair of prints
Bring out your fun and frivolous side and add the dash of freakiness and funk to your personality.
About the Author:  This guest was written by Maria Benson, who loves to write articles on various topics like finance, health, technology. Previously she has done research on ppi claims currently she focusing on fashion related articles.


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