Thanksgiving Grub Pictures

thanksgiving plate maegal
My delicious plate, with all but the yams. 
I forgot them on round one.

Here are some pictures from my Thanksgiving meal. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I took pictures with my phone, which doesn’t have that great of a camera at all. I’m getting more and more excited about getting my iPhone in January so I can have a fairly good quality camera with my at all times. I need to get back into taking pictures more often, especially for the sake of posting them here.

Continue on to see pictures of my meal!

Not pictured: homemade applesauce from my Dad, the pre-dinner snack foods.

cranberry sause olives pineapple maegal
Cranberry sauce, black olives, pineapple.

white flaky rolls maegal
Flaky, white rolls.

 homemade apple pie maegal
Homemade apple pie.
(Made from the apples in our yard.)

pumpkin pie maegal
Pumpkin pie, from Costco this year.

whole wheat bread maegal
Whole wheat bread.

sweet yams maegal

mashed potatoes maegal
Mashed potatoes.

thanksgiving turkey maegal
20 pound turkey.

playground maegal
We walked down to a playground where my sister and I use to play when we were younger while we waited for the turkey to cook. The colors are always so much fun. We played on the swings for a while, run around in the skate park (it was empty given the holiday), my Dad hulked my sister over the side of this play equipment (it would be the same if my Dad didn’t wreck havoc during a gathering). My family is a bit insane, and it’s great.

Question: What did you eat for Thanksgiving?

sarah signature maegal


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Grub Pictures

  1. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheesy green bean casserole, cranberry relish, rolls, mashed squash, pumpkin cheesecake, fruit tart, chocolate cake, bailey’s irish cream, apple cider and milk.

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