Makeup Monday: Lipstick Color Trends for Winter 2013

I’ve never been a huge wearer of lipstick, but I’ve always loved all the colors and textures they come in. I have plenty in my collection (we’re talking a good 30 or so, which is kind of sad considering how infrequently I wear lipstick. I  have a nice selection of favorites, though. A nice bright pinkish color from Wet ‘n’ Wild, a darker red from e.l.f. and a lighter pink from a brand I can’t quite recall right now.

Regardless, I still enjoy checking out the lipstick trends for every season. I love how the right color and pull together any outfit or make the perfect statement. 

Continue on to view the Winer 2013 Lipstick Color Trends!

Perusing the makeup trends for the Winter and the makeup I’ve seen on the runway, these three lips colors are going to be popular this winter. Classic reds, purple berries and peachy nudes will all be great choices for this season. Of course, go with the color the suits your skin tone and tastes best. With these three great shades, one is bound to work for you. 

Winter 2013 Lipstick Trends

The lipsticks above range from $3 to $30, so you can find whatever you’re looking for and a price that suits your budget. My favorite brands are all drugstore brands. I simply cannot justify spending more than like $7 on a lipstick, but then again, I’m pretty cheap. I made the realization a couple days ago that I really do have an unfortunate affliction, I’ve got expensive tastes but I’m way to cheap to ever indulge them.

Pop of Color

Next week for Makeup Monday I’ll try and remember to share with you this great pin I found on Pinterest. It’ll show you how to make the perfect smokey eye, not unlike the one featured on Megan Fox above.

Question: What is your favorite lipstick shade?

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