Review: LuvMyBox, a monthly ‘sexy’ subscription box

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LuvMyBox is a monthly subscription box featuring ‘sexy’ items ideally meant to be explored with your partner. LuvMyBox is a fun way to bring new things and new experiences into your intimate life. LuvMyBox is fun, discreet, and exciting to receive every month.

Continue on to read my review, and see what came in my LuvMyBox package!

luvmybox contents october maegal

For review, I was sent the October subscription LuvMyBox. In came with all the items you see in the picture to the right: a loofah, bath foam, a massage duck, and four small bath soaps/oils. I have to say, I was pretty excited for this package, and was even more so excited when I opened up the sleek black box and discovered all these little goodies. I’ve tried out the soaps and oils I can reseal, but I’m saving the two that are a one shot deal for the next time my boyfriend visits.

Here are more detailed pictures of the goodies inside my LuvMyBox;

i rub my duckie maegal“I Rub My Duckie”

This little fellow is a massage duckie. The vibrations are fairly strong, and it’s designed to pretty much massage where ever or whatever you’d like massaged. So have fun with that.

dona bubble bath maegal
 “A brand new kind of bubble bath. Immerse yourself in sensual foam. Superfruit &; Aphrodisiac-infused.

A soft, supple, sensual experience.”

This is a bath foam/ bubble bath. It’s paraban free, cruelty free, natural and petro. deriv. free according to the label. I was pretty excited to learn that. It’s good to know there aren’t too many weird chemicals in something I’m putting on my body.

The smell to me is a fruity scent with notes of pear. It’s really quite delicious, actually. I’d eat it, but I imagine it doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

bath products maegal
Upper left: “Orange Ginger Aromatherapy” 
Smells like the orange ginger it claims to be. Citric, fun, I enjoyed the smell.

Upper right: “The stuff that cupid dips his arrows in (because sometimes fate needs an assist).”
Not a huge fan of this scent, it’s too ‘perfume-y’ for me, but I still think it’s fun.

Bottom left & right: “Invigorate” and “Romance” Bath Oil
I haven’t tried these yet and they are a one shot deal, but I hope my boyfriend and I can play around with them soon.

All in all, I really enjoyed playing around with the contents of my LuvMyBox. I look forward to using some of these products with my boyfriend the next time he visits me. I think this is such a fun monthly subscription box (one of the best I’ve come across). A subscription to LuvMyBox would make a great gift for a bride-to-be, a good friend, or as a gift to yourself. I would recommend this box to anyone who thinks it looks fun!

Visit them at

Question: Who would you gift a subscription for LuvMyBox to?


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