Review: VidaCup Coffee

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Vidacup is a distributor of delicious coffee! They specialize in three flavors, so there is something for everyone. 

“Our mission is to create a business where integrity is expected and common, and people come first.”

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For review I was sent three samples of each of VidaCups three flavors. 
• Ageless Brew, all natural low calorie latte
• Mo-Joe, gormet all natural coffee
• Xtreme High Energy, more energy without the crash

I was excited to review these coffees, because I’m quite a fan. I haven’t been drinking as much this year as I did last year, but I use to have a cup of my french press coffee every morning. To give theme coffee flavors a try, I used my french press. The grounds were designed for a coffee marker size wise, so they were a bit finely ground for the french press, but I made it work. Unfortunately, I left the remaining samples at my apartment when I came home for winter break, so I have to go one the one time I tried each flavor to review on. I’ll certainly update when I finish the other samples. Keep posted because I really would like to update this post once I finish the other samples.

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You can learn more about each of these three coffees on the VidaCup website. They go into really nice detail about each of the coffees so you can get an idea about which is best for you.

All three flavors tasted good to me as I recall. They all tasted pretty good to me. I like a pretty dark roast. I can’t say I particularly noticed the energy, but I drank the coffee in the morning. I’d like to try drinking the Xtreme High Energy coffee later in the evening next time, so I will be able to tell if I got an energy boost. Coffee usually doesn’t have much affect on my as it does others, but it should like the make of this coffee might actually be a nice boost for late night bursts of energy while writing papers in the wee hours of the night. All the flavors tasted great with a little milk, as I always have my coffee. I think at this point the Mo-Joe is my favorite, but we’ll see if my tastes change once I finish them all. Yum!

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Question: How do you take your coffee?

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