3 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gals

3 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gals

Here is a quick little guide to help give you some ideas for last minute gifts. I know I still haven’t done my shopping yet. But I never know what to get anyone. But perhaps one of my own ideas will be helpful to me. You can also check out my 3 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Guys.

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These are considered my last minute gift ideas for women because these are some things I am considering/ would consider getting for the females in my life. That’s no to say that these wouldn’t also make great gifts for some men in your life.

Though clothing isn’t the easiest gift, if you happen to have someone like me on your list, just get me a cool looking t-shirt and I’m happy. You can find them in any style you like from a number of places. I’ve done reviews for T-Shirts.comSnorgTees,  FiveFingerTees and CrazyDogsTShirts in the past. All are great sites with wonderful shirts and a nice selection of funny, vintage or causal shirts. 

Last night I saw an add on TV that stated if you buy a $55+ perfum percase from Macy’s you would receive a clutch, a purse sized perfume and two Estee Lauder lip colors for free. It got me thinking how great that would be to split up the various products among the girls you’re buying for. For example, you could give the full sized perfum to one friend, the clutch and a lip color to another friend, and the other lip color and pruse purfum to the last. That means you could have gifts for three friends for roughly $60, or $20 each. You could of course find other freebies like this or just buy straight beauty products.

Giftcards make great gifts. I know I always love getting giftcards. You can literally find a giftcard for just about everything. Food, gas, clothing, and so forth. Giftcards also makes great last minute gifts as you can buy them at so many stores now days. (I suggested this for the guys, too. I just like giftcards too much.)

Question: What are your last minute gift ideas for gals?

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