Guest Post: 6 Tips for Winterizing Your Bedroom

This weeks guest posts gives you six tips for winterizing your bedroom. Too bad I didn’t read this before leaving my apartment, I could have winterized it better for while we’re gone. Enjoy these tips! Leave a comment letting me know how your winterize.
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When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing better than being able to relax in a warm, cozy bedroom. Here are six tips for making certain that your room is ready for the wintertime.

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1. Switch to Flannel
In the summertime, we try to keep the fabrics in our bedrooms as light and breezy as possible. Generally, this means thin cotton. However, cotton sheets aren’t the best choice for chilly winter temperatures. As soon as the thermometer starts to drop, you’ll want to break out the flannel. It helps trap in your body heat while you sleep to keep you feeling toasty. 

2. Invest in a Down Comforter

Ducks and geese are kept warm in cold Arctic temperatures because of the layer of down feathers that act as insulation beneath their course outer feathers. This same property is what makes a down comforter so ideal for winterizing your bedroom. 

3. Caulk and Cover Windows

Before the weather gets cold, you’ll want to check your windows to see if they’re leaking in cold air. Examine the window frames to see if you can feel any draft coming in. Fill in any cracks or holes with caulking or foam sealant. If there’s a gap between your window and the window sill, try filling some old pantyhose with beans or sand to keep drafts at bay.
If your windows are old or are single-pane, you’ll also want to create another barrier between your home and the outside. Cut heavy plastic into sheets large enough to cover the entire window. Tape these sheets on the outside of the window. Heavy-duty tape will be the most effective, but if you are afraid of damaging pain, you can use masking tape. 

4. Run a Humidifier

Running heaters and taking hot showers tends to dry our skin out in the wintertime. An easy solution to this problem is to run a humidifier in your room to put back some of the moisture into the air. The water in the air also helps trap heat, so you’ll find that a properly humidified room can actually be kept at a slightly lower temperature and save you some money on your heating bills. 

5. Switch Your Drapes 

winterize drapes maegal

Another trick for preventing cold winter air from seeping into your bedroom is to have proper curtains. Look for drapes that are insulated or that are made from thick fabrics, like velvet. If you want to stick with the curtains you have, but they’re flimsy, you can clip heavier blankets, towels, or sheets on the inside of the drape for more protection. 

6. Invest in rugs

Finally, if you have hardwood floors in your bedroom, you’ll want to make certain that you throw down rugs on the floor. A nice, thick-piled rug is the perfect antidote to cold feet, especially when you take that first step out of bed in the morning. As an added benefit, a good rug will also help insulate your room, which can mean your room feels just a wee bit warmer.

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About the Author: Rebecca Bridge is a writer and painter living in Seattle. In the wintertime, you’re most likely to find her at home reading a book and snuggled up under her favorite down comforter. Visit Rebecca at

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