Overview: TableClothsFactory

Looking for tablecloths? TableClothsFactory offers a wide variety of tablecloths, chair covers, linen napkins and more. You’re sure to find the color and style that works best for you. You can find a wide range of colors, styles, and even some patterns.

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My sister and I have a small rectangular table and two chairs for our apartment. It’s the perfect size, but it’s old and run down looking. Currently we have a blue tablecloth, maroon napkins, and tan placemats (all from Goodwill).

For the sake of illustration, here is what I could get to go with the dinning room set my sister and I have. 

Folding Chair Covers: $4.20 (for 2)
Square 70″ Tablecloth: $7.49 (for 1)
17″x17″ Linen Napkins: $2.69 (for 5)
TOTAL: $14.38

So, for under $15.00 I’ve would be able to have a nice tablecloth, cloth napkins, and two chair covers. That seems like a pretty good deal to me. Especially if you consider the fact that I’m fairly confident that we spend close to that at Goodwill for our current set up. Had I know of this site before, I very well would have purchased from them, getting the exact color and size I wanted.

I think this would also make a great website if you’re looking for wedding table dressings! They have quite a few shades of white that you can choose from, and at some of the lowest prices I’ve seen for such things.

Question: Do you use tablecloths?

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