Gun Safety: Kids and Guns

gunsafesnow maegal offers a variety of inventory from personal safes, quick access safes, guns safes, fire resistant safes and many more. So even if you do have a need for the gun safes the site name suggests, you’ll still be able to find an appropriate safe for your needs. (I know once I move out, I’ll need to take some things from our family safe and put them in my own fire resistant safe.)

I was trying to decided if I would write about this website or not. I’m not a big fan of guns and generally try best to avoid the topic. However, I felt that this website would be a good one to share with you all because of the safety aspect I’ve decided to try and reflect. Trying to be socially responsible IS something I feel good about blogging on.

If you own guns and ESPECIALLY if you have children, I sincerely hope that you have a gun safe. Children and guns do not mix well, as I’m sure you can well imagine. I certainly imagine that most parents who own guns are responsible and know how to prevent accidents, but I thought I would still make this post on the topic. Awareness never hurts anyone.

I once watch something on TV that was a study of sorts on children and their interactions with guns. Kids are more aware of their surrounding than you might know. It is very important to keep dangerous things, such as guns, out of harms way. I recall one child when knew where the parents’ guns were, even the one the parents’ though were well hidden and unknown to the child.

Here is a 20/20 clip I found that I believe is from the same show I was talking about (the memory is fuzzy). WATCH IT. It’s very eyeopening. Even if you think you’re kids know not to play with guns, that may not be the case! The young mind is an interesting thing.

Just imagine if that were not a test and there were real bullet is there….
Even a child who has been told guns are bad and knows guns are bad is at risk of danger if the guns in your home are not locked away. Feel free to email this blog post to friends with kids and guns, better safe than sorry.

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Question: Do you or your family own guns? 
If so, for hunting, protection, both, another reason?

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