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krill oil logo maegal sells just what their name infers, krill oil supplements. Each bottle contains 60 krill oil pills. The bottle says krill oil is clinically proven to: promote cardiovascular health, support joint health, and relieve PMS symptoms. Continue on to learn how you can win a bottle of krill oil!

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I have tried other fish oils the past, but always found their taste to be undesirable, especially when I would burp up the flavor. Ew. And I tend to be a fairly “burp-y” individual. I have even tried fish oil with lemon, which is supposed to mask the flavor. However, I can still taste the fish oil even through the lemon. 

My mom currently uses a liquid fish oil with lemon supplement. That used to be my first pick, even though I could still get a little bit of a fishy flavor. But after having tried these krill oil pills, I plan on telling her about this better, less expensive alternative.

I was excited to discover that with these krill oil pills I did not experience any sort of fishy aftertaste, burp or otherwise. It is by far the best means of getting these oils I’ve ever tried. I would certainly recommend these pills to anyone looking for a fish oil supplement with out the nasty taste.

krill oil pills maegal

The pill itself is not too large and easy to swallow. The pills themselves do not smell particularly good, but you don’t really get taste in your mouth at all. The company said that the krill oil can be stored in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator. I chose to store my refrigerator.

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Question: Have you ever taken a fish/krill oil supplement?

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