Review: Grandma Sandino’s Sicilian Sauce, Rubs and Seasoning

Grandma Sandino’s offers delicious rubs, mixes and a sauce perfect for use the next time you cook. They have a chicken and poultry rub (“Grandma’s Rub”), a fish seasoning (“Grandma’s Fish Sprinkle”), an “Herbal Dip & Spread” and a “Garlic Bread Mix”. Additionally they have Grandma’s “Vegetarian Garlic Sauce”, which is what it all began with. 

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Here is the delightful spread of products Grandma Sandino’s sent me for review. I was sent from left to right: Herbal Dip & Spread, Garlic Bread Mix, two bottles of Vegetarian Garlic Sauce, Grandma’s Rub and Grandma’s Fish Sprinkle.

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Vegetarian Garlic Sauce

I was excited to try out this sauce, as it is the product that started the company. It was suggested to me that I try the sauce on bread first, then cucumber, then tomato, as each would produce different resulting flavors when combined with the sauce.

I first tried a little on a piece of bread, just the sauce and bread. The sauce tastes garlic-y but not overwhelmingly so. The closest thing I can compare it to is a thick, garlic-y Italian dressing/sauce, if that was clear.

I didn’t have a cucumber or tomato on hand, but I tried the sauce on a carrot and lettuce. Each produced a slightly different flavor. In fact, this wouldn’t make a bad dressing, if combined with a little balsamic vinegar, perhaps (the bottle suggest this as a bread dip).

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Garlic Bread Mix
This mix is quite delicious and made for some grand garlic bread. I’m glad there is enough seasoning for me to make more garlic bread in the future.

Herbal Dip & Spread
I haven’t tried this seasoning yet, but I very much look forward to it. I like having dipping sauce for my carrots and peppers, but I’m not the biggest ranch fan. I’m excited to try this dip, which I expect to be great like the others!

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Grandma’s Rub
I tried this rub out on a chicken a couple weeks ago, and both my sister and I really enjoy the seasoning. It wasn’t too much or overpowering, it was the perfect rub.

Grandma’s Fish Sprinkle
I don’t generally eat fish, in fact I’ve never cooked it myself, or bought it. I’m excited to try this out the next time my Dad goes fishing. Or perhaps I’ll branch out and buy fish.

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Question: Which of these seasonings/sauces would you like to try?

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