Sexy Sunday: Valentine’s Day with EdenFantasys

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! And EdenFantasys has what you need to “Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Gift with the EdenFantasys Playbook”. Continue to to see some of my ideas for things you could get for Valentine’s Day, based on what’s in the Playbook.

I encourage you to check out the EdenFantasys Playbook for a bunch of fun and creative ideas. Some involved the use of toys, other costumes, and some just the two of you. Here are some products I suggest you check out that would be perfect for a special, romantic Valentine’s Day. Of course you don’t need anything specific, but sometimes it’s nice. And if you order now with FREE express delivery, it’ll still make it in time for Valentine’s Day.

For Her
EdenFantasys has a variety of products on their website, not just sex toys. So you’re bound to find something that would work as a gift for any girl in your life, no just a significant other. Below I’ve selected three products that I think would make nice Valentine’s Day gifts. So even in the other two gifts aren’t right for you, perhaps a bronzer would be. (That bronzer is actually rated pretty high on the site.)
Sweet Heart strawberry box - Sensual kit

Bcute pearl - Discreet massager

Mineral beauty bronzer - Bronzer

Top Left: Sweet Heart Strawberry Box
Right: Bcute Pearl Vibrator
Bottom Left: Mineral Beauty Bronzer

For Him

Here are two suggestions ‘for him’ for Valentine’s Day. The first is a sex toy for him, and the second is a piece of lingerie that, though not technically for him, he’d like to see I imagine. They have some pretty cute corsets and babydolls and the like. Keep posted for a review I’ll be writing soon for a corset from EdenFantasys!
Soft tube cup - MasturbatorRed midnight mistress chemise - Chemise 
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Question: What are your Valentine’s Day plans, if you have any?

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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Note: This post contains an affiliate link.

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