Review: Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet- Chips and Salsa

Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet is a line of chips and salas. But not just any chips and salsa, delicious and ‘healthy’, too! The chips and salsas are made with non-GMO corn, zero trans fat, cholesterol free, no sugar added, no MSG, all natural and free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. How great is that? Continue on to read my review!

For review I was sent the whole line of chips and salsa from Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet, 5 bags of chips and 3 jars of salsa. Below you will find pictures of both the chip line up and the salsa line up with their names.

SO, let me begin by saying, oh my GOODNESS these are delicious and very highly addictive. Allow me to paint you a little picture. So as there were five bags of chips and three jars of salsa, I figured that it would take about two weeks for us to go through it all. HA, so not the case. We were done with it all in 5 days! Yep, that’s right. We ate a bag of chips a day and a jar of salsa every other day. (Well, we actually still have some of the hottest salsa left, as we couldn’t eat it as fast as the others, being hot and all). They’re so good, we just couldn’t stop ourselves! 

The Chip Line Up
From left to right: Sesame Medley, Thin White Corn, Black Bean & Garlic, Chipotle & White Corn, and Thick & Healthy Toasted Corn

The chips were all SUPER delicious. I was so pleased to learn how they are free of GMO corn, artificial flavors and preservatives, as well as other qualities I look for in food.

I honestly cannot pick a favorite chip flavor, as I really liked them all. The Sesame Medley might be it. If I just HAD to choose.

The Salsa Line Up

From left to right: Roasted Pueblo Chile and Cilantro, Fire Hot Salsa with Habanero Peppers, and Roasted Chile with Black Beans and Corn

The salsas come in mild (right), medium (left) and hot (middle). I have to say that I felt like the mild didn’t have any spice, and the medium felt more like a mild to my taste buds, but the hot was pretty hot.

All three of these salsas are delicious and taste great with the chips. Each salsa has a different and unique flavor. I can’t pick a favorite, they’re all too darn good!

All in all, I would totally recommend these salsas and chips. I wish there was a store near me that sold them! Alas, I’ll have to buy them online. And I very well may do so! They were that tasty, plus I really like knowing that the ‘junk food’ I’m eating isn’t too bad for me, at least quality of the ingredients wise.

Visit them at

Question: What flavors would you be interested in trying out?

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