Review & Giveaway: Korrigan Lacquerware Jewelry Box | Ends 3/7

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“Lacquerware are objects coated with a thick layer of lacquer, which is the sap from lacquer trees growing mainly in Asia. This sap is a natural form of resin that hardens and can then be decoratively carved.” ~

Korrigan Lacquerware offers a variety of jewelry boxes in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. The company is based in Bellevue, Washington.

Continue on to read my review and enter to win a jewelry box of your own!

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For review, I was sent the small, flower mother of pearl korrigan lacquerware jewelry box. As you can see in the picture above, the box features a beautiful blue-green-teal flower design with a silky red lining. The box is a flower shape, and fits about and small hand full worth (like my official measurements?).

When I’m living at home, I have a cork board that hangs all of my necklaces, a self-made earring rack, but I never had a real home for my rings. They just sort of sat around. While I’m at my apartment, I have a very simple and random cardboard earring and necklace hanging situation (it’s hard to explain, maybe I’ll post a picture someday). But again, I still had no where to put my rings! Until now. 
korrigan lacquerware box maegal
This box makes the perfect holder for my rings. The box is decorative as well as functional and holds all my smaller rings. I was a little concerned about where I was going to store my larger rings, but as it turns out, the box that the korrigan box comes in is actually pretty nice looking itself and works well to hold my larger rings. You can see that picture above.

All in all, I really like this box, and it’s great that the company is based in my geographical backyard! It’s nice to support a local business. I would certainly recommend this box to anyone looking for a nice gift, or a place to store your rings, earrings or other jewelry.

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Question: How do you store your jewelry?  

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