Makeup Monday: Magazine Ad Makeup Fun

So, for this weeks episode of Makeup Monday, I decided to let you all in on a random little “hobby” of mine. From time to time, I find it enjoyable to go through magazines, find ads, and modify the models visually, enhance their makeup. Sometimes I use colored pencils to give a lighter, more natural look. The example before and after I have below was using sharpie, which makes for much more severe changes. Continue on to see my before and after!

Now, it really would be better if I could randomly decide to show off my “hobby” when I had a picture I’d done recently with colored pencils. There was one picture I colored once that you quite seriously could not tell had been touched by me. Some of the most fun pictures are also black and white ones where I can add a lip color and that’s all.

On the left is the before picture (of Scarlett Johansson from an ad I found in the March issue of Vogue).  On the right is the after picture. I colored her lips red (one of the things that looks better when using colored pencils), added some more black liner, added a stud earring, and lastly added a beauty mark.

Question: Have you ever doodled in a magazine?

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