Fashion Friday: Swimsuits for Every Body

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I know summer is still months away, but I wanted to make a brief Fashion Friday post. A couple years ago back when this blog was still MaeGal’s Fashion, I wrote a couple posts about choosing the right swimsuit for your body shape/ what features you want to accentuate or take attention away from. It’s been several years since I’ve made those posts, so I thought it was time for a bit of an update! This go around I’m keeping in down to one simple post featuring a couple body shapes. 

Continue on to see what swimsuits work best for you!

It’s a bit difficult to have swimwear on the mind while I’m sitting in the middle of a rainy, chilly, dark winter. But shopping for swimwear in the winter isn’t a bad idea at all. Often times swimsuits are less expensive out of season. From the looks of things, swimsuits are starting to go up in prize as we near closer to summer, so you may want to do some summer shopping now. And here are some ideas to help you find a suit that suits you! (Lame pun intended.)

If you would like a couple swimsuit ideas for more specific body types and shapes, check out these older posts of mine. You might find them helpful, as well:
Straight Wait, Narrow Hips 
Larger Bottoms
Smaller Busts
Larger Mid-Section  
Larger Busts 
Short Legs, Torso

pear on maegal

Pear Shaped
• Try patterns and prints on top, solid colors on bottom.
• Try suits that are high waisted, with v-necks, with empire waists, with ruching.

The goal is to try and even out the hips and bust by detracting from the bottom and accentuating the top. For example, try a swimsuit with a solid colored bottom and a patterned top.

apple on maegal

Apple Shaped
• Try subtle patterns and solid colors.
• Try suits with halter tops, bust support, high waist, ruching.

The goal is to support your chest and hid any extra midsection. For example, a halter top one-piece with ruching in the center.

hourglass on maegal
Hourglass Shaped
• Try abstract prints, animal prints, bold colors.
• Try suits with halter tops, v-necks, wider straps, ruching, classic one-piece, tankini.

The goal is to maintain hourglass shape. For example, try a v-neck classic one-piece swimsuit.

beans on maegal

Athletic Shaped
• Try colors, prints, bold colors.
• Try suits with high waists, sweetheart neckline, tankini, bandeau bikinis.

The goal is to give the illusion of curves and a waist. For example, try a bandeau bikini paired with high waisted bikini bottoms.

Question: What would your dream swimsuit look like?

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