Introducing the ‘MaeGal’ App!

So, I created an app from my blog and other ‘MaeGal’ things! Now it’s not really an ‘app’ in the way that you can have a little icon on your screen (at least not with the free version of the program I used). But it’s still a fun and easy to navigate website for your phone.

I kept it pretty simple. A link to my blog, Twitter feed, FaceBook page feed, blog RSS feed, an about page, a contact form page, an option to share the app with friends, and a FaceBook like button (please like my app if you enjoyed it)!

You can access it one of three ways;
1. Go to on your mobile web browser.
2. View it under ‘MaeGal App’ on one of my FaceBook page tabs.
3. Use the QR code image below.

QR code maegal app

Question: Will you use this app at all?

sarah signature maegal


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