Sexy Sunday: “Fifty Shades of Grey” Inspired Kits

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It’s time for another Sexy Sunday post via EdenFantasys! Have you heard of Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, it’s not quite as recent as it once was, but I certainly recall well all the hype that surrounded the book when it came out. I actually haven’t read it, but I know plenty who did! I though for this Sexy Sunday post I would share with you some Fifty Shades of Grey inspired items from EdenFantasys! EdenFantasys actually as their own section called Fifty Shade of Sexy that features all sorts of products inspired by the book, but I thought I would show you my own ideas. As well as some coupons!

Note: This post features adult themes. You’ve been informed.

Sex and Mischief wild about S&M kit - BDSM kit on MaeGal

A nice and playful starter kit of sorts. The Wild About S and M Kit features leopard print fuzzy handcuffs, a matching blind fold, and a black whip. This kit would be great for beginners or someone who just wants to dabble in a bit of BDSM.

Fetish Fantasy first time kit - BDSM kit on MaeGal
Perhaps a bit of a next step in the BDSM kit department, this Fetish Fantasy First Time Kit features a blindfold, a gag, feather tickler, rope whip, and love dice (which tell you do different sexual things with a partner). This kit would be great for someone who was looking for a little more than what the first kit provides.
ultimate bondage kit on maegal
The Ultimate Bondage Kit features a variety of different bondage and other BDSM items. This kit is great for beginners who want a bit of everything, as it pretty much as it. This kit offers a ball gag, butt-plug, Mini Mite vibe, love mask, handcuffs, nipple chain clips, hot wax candle, feather tickler, cat o’ nine tails, gray silk tie, and ben-wa balls. 

If a kit isn’t really what you had in mind, EdenFantasys also offers plenty of individually sold items like those featured in the kits above as well as some other items. On the website you can find bondage ropes, nipple clamps, whips, hand and ankles cuffs, and plenty of other BDSM related items.

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Question: Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?

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