Overview: Pierro’s Formal Wear

Pierro’s Formal Wear is the premier boutique for a South Carolina tuxedo rental. We carry the hottest mens wedding tuxedos by some of today’s biggest brands. When it comes to mens formal wear SC, Pierro’s Formal Wear knows what’s in style for your big wedding, prom or formal event. The next time you need to rent a tuxedo or tuxedo accessories, choose the experts at Pierro’s Formal Wear.” ~ from PierrosFormalWear.com

Continue on to learn more, and see some nice tuxedos while you’re at it.

Pierro’s Formal Wear offers a selection of mens’ tuxedos suitable for weddings, black tie events, proms and more. Though they are an online retailer, Pierro’s also offers tuxedo rental in Spartanburg SC, which is always a great option if you don’t foresee a need to own a tuxedo to use anytime in the near future. 

I went browsing through the tuxedos, and decided to highlight these two tuxes and show them to you all in this post. These were two of the ones I liked most, though there went plenty of nice ones to suit everyones wants.

Do you remember what you wore to prom?

I certainly do. Of course, that has more to do with my memory and the fact that it was only about three years ago. The event itself wasn’t all that great. The food wasn’t too bad, but the people weren’t the best. Though I was gladly celebrating never having to see most of them again. Even though I wasn’t physically taking classes on the high school campus, my town is small enough for the drama to circulate still.

I didn’t go with any ‘date’ per se. My friend and I went together along with another friend of ours. So I didn’t have some strapping young fellow on my arm all dressed up like the guys above, but I had myself. I wore a tight, short, strapless blue dress with black leggings and black pumps. I had straightened by hair (as I figured most everyone would curl theirs, I was right). I felt good, and had a decent night. Not the most memorable night, but it was fun.

Looking for dresses? Check out Pierro’s Formal Wear’s corporate site, Dimitra Designs.

What did you wear to prom, if you went?

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