Overview: Marinello Schools of Beauty

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For a brief point in my life, I thought about going to cosmetology school for either hair, nails or makeup (or helps some combination of those). It was a rather short phase, as though I like all these things, I’m not really that girly of a person so I chose other routes. However, I still think that it would be fun to go to beauty school for a while, to learn the skills.

Continue on to read my overview of Marinello Schools of Beauty.

I’ve never done that much research on beauty schools, but recently I was introduced to the Marinello Schools of Beauty, cosmetology institutes in Inglewood, CA, and 62 other locations. The closest one to me is a full state away, but nothing I wouldn’t be willing to do if I were to attend this beauty school. I would need to do more research on my options before deciding where to go.

Marinello offers a variety of programs of study to suit whatever beauty path you want to take. They offer Cosmetology, Esthetics (Skin Care), Manicuring/Nail Technology, Advanced Facial and Body Treatments, Barbering, Hair Design, Massage Therapy, Master Esthetics with Laser Certification, Teacher Training, International Certification, and lastly Specialty Workshops. Soo many choices!

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Image from Marinello.com

From what I’ve read on the Marinello website, it seems that they are very focused on giving you the skills and training you need in order to make a career in beauty. Careers in beauty are always going to be desired. They work hard to make sure students who graduate from their program will be prepared to find a job after graduation. Marinello has been around since 1905, they have to know what they’re doing after all these years!

Have you ever considered a career in the beauty industry?

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