Makeup Monday: Temptu, airbrush makeup systems

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Temptu is an airbrush for makeup system that allows you to get a flawless face, just like your favorite runway model, film star or musician! Temptu has been working in Hollywood for years now, getting their start in the 1981 movie Tattoo. And now you can have a flawless face, too! Temptu offers a variety of makeup to use with your airbrush system, as well as a couple system choices. Continue on to read my overview of Temptu.

I’ve always been interested in makeup, though it’s slightly ironic considering how little I wear on a daily basis. My interest in makeup was certainly sparked by the YouTube beauty guru community, and is in fact what inspired my to make my YouTube channel. Though that channel is currently being converted into a general channel aimed at all the topics I address on this blog, makeup will forever be the foundation of that channel. 

In all those years of being a participant and viewer of the beauty community on YouTube, I’ve heard a fair amount about airbrush makeup systems. In fact, Temptu is one of about three brands that I hear referenced often, as it is one of the systems that works well and lasts. Yes, they are a bit expensive by my standards, but if you think about how long it’s going to last you, it’s a pretty great deal. Plus, you’ll have a celebrity flawless face everyday. And from what I hear, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use daily!

If you’re interested in an airbrush makeup system, I suggest checking out Temptu and seeing if it’s the system for you!

Have you ever tried airbrush makeup?

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