Review: HolyClothing Dress is an online clothing retailer and family-owned business. They specialize in “exclusive, romantic clothing” including dresses, pants, skirts and tops. All their items are handmade with care and detail in India by HolyClothing. 
Continue on to read my burgundy dress review!

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For review, I chose the Viola Velvet Lace Embroidered Gypsy Hippy BabyDoll Mini Dress in Burgundy Wine. This dress is a long sleeved, scoop neck dress with an a-line fit and flared hem. It features embroidered velvet sections run down the front of the dress and also as detailed towards to bottom. The back of the dress features of tie to help define your waist. The back of this dress is plain material, like the sleeves.

Sizes: Small- 5X
Price: $37.99 US
Colors: 17 to choose from

The dress is comfortable, well made, and made of good quality materials. The length of the sleeves, hem and neckline are all perfect for me. The material seems study and as though the dress will hold up for years to come. It’s a slightly thicker material to keep you warm, but it still completely moves with you.

This dress would look great on people of all ages, in my opinion. As you can hopefully agree, the dress looks pretty cute on someone of my age (no, not 17. I’m 21. Though my face seems to finally be maturing a bit, haha). I could actually see my mom wearing this dress. She tends to like longer sleeves, though I wouldn’t advise her (at 63) to wear the dress without leggings. It’s a bit short in my opinion for her to be going legs out in.

Here we have me “modeling” the dress. I had my sister take a couple pictures of me wearing the dress, just do you could see what it looks like on as well as a little suggestion as to how you might wear it. As this dress is a little thicker, it’s great for fall or the beginning of spring. It’s still too cold to wear this outfit without a jacket here, but soon!

Below, is an example of how I would wear this dress. (The first picture ain’t that cute, but the dress looks shown off). I’ve simply paired this dress with a thick black belt, grey leggings, and flat black boots. Viola!
You can visit them on FaceBook and at
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Which HolyClothing dress style is your favorite?

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