Fashion Friday: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW 2013 Collection Picks

fashion friday maegal

I have to be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to runway fashions over the past couple of years. Back when this blog was MaeGal’s Fashion, I was much more in tune with what was happening in the world of fashion. But for your viewing pleasure, for those of you who still read my blog and were interested in fashion, here are a couple pieces from the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW collection.

Now I’ve always been a fan of Alexander McQueen, but I haven’t really looked at his collections since his death a couple years back. I wrote a post on the day he died, I was pretty shocked along with everyone else.

All that aside, I’m really excited to see that this Spring/Summer Alexander McQueen collection from Sarah Burton keeps the vision of the line in tact. Below are a two pieces that I wanted to show you all, and the details from one. I just really like the “caged” look, so these two dresses spoke to me.

My sister is always one to quickly find high end runway fashions unattractive, but I’ve always enjoyed the artistic side of fashion. Of course, at least for me, I would never wear any of this in my actual life, aside from maybe the necklace or the blazer. But I love the artistic side of fashion and I’ve always been able to appreciate the art.

alexander mcqueen ss rtw 2013 maegalalexander mcqueen ss rtw 2013 maegal

alexander mcqueen ss rtw 2013 maegalalexander mcqueen ss rtw 2013 maegal

Are you a fan of Alexander McQueen? 
Who is your favorite high end designer?

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