Guest Post: Makeup Tips For Every Face Shape

This post shares with you great tips for what types of makeup you work best for your face shape! I thought these tips sounded great and just had to share them with you all. I hope you enjoy this guest post and can look forward to more in the future. 

Image from via krmn777

Have you ever seen a great make-up trend on a close friend or celebrity that you want to try, only to end up looking like a clown when the same products are applied to your face? This could likely be a result of the shape of your face simply being different than that of the person you are trying to copy. Knowing your face shape and skin tone can take you a long way in finding the right makeup products and the right application tips that work best for your specific shape. The shape of your face can even determine which shade of lipstick looks best on you. Once you understand your face shape, you can start looking for products that enhance your best features and turn your face into an eye-catching masterpiece. Continue on to see makeup tips for every face shape!

Heart Shaped Faces
Those with heart shaped faces have a narrow chin and a wider forehead. If this is your face shape, you want to draw the focus away from your cheekbones and chin that may be more prominent. Try wearing tones that are feminine, sheer, and soft. Add a pop of color to your mouth with lipstick to help you downplay the razor sharp line of your cheekbones and make the lines of your face appear softer. Avoid harsh lines with any lining product that you use in order to keep your features from looking too severe.

Round Shaped Faces
Faces that are round have a lower face that is the same width as the forehead. Cheeks are often prominent in this shape of face, and you should attempt an overall bronzed look with eyes that are smoky in order to play up the shape of your face. Underneath your cheekbones, use a bronzer to add definition and cut to a face that is round. Shape your brows in an angular way to create a more defined look toy our face. Create smoky eyes and use liquid liners that are strong to add even more definition to your features.

Square Shaped Faces
Those with faces that are square shaped have an angular hairline and jawbone. Your goal should be to soften your angular features with makeup that is feminine and soft with a texture that is shimmery. Avoid anything too harsh or severe, and blend a blush with rosy tones onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a gloss for your lips in sheer corals or pinks rather than darker lipsticks and liners.

Oval Shaped Faces
Oval shaped faces have a forehead and lower face that are the same width with longer sides. Your goal when applying makeup is to shorten the length of your face, and really define your lips and your eyes. Use a lip liner before applying lipstick in order to define the area of your chin. Blend a darker or medium eye shadow shade in the creases of your eyes after applying a sheer color shadow foundation. Use a bronze toned blush to sweep color across your cheeks in an upward motion from the apples to the temples.

The same products won’t look good on every face, and every woman needs to learn the specifics of her features before learning to apply beauty products. If you take the time to learn the best ways to enhance your features, you can guarantee that you will stop traffic with some simple makeup application.

sarah signature maegalDisclaimer: This is a guest post written on behalf of another author for MaeGal and other blogs. I received compensation for this post. I chose to feature this post because I left the content was relevant to my blog and would be of interest for you, my readers!


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