The Carries Diaries, featuring ModCloth fashion

modcloth skirt carries diaries on MaeGal

 modcloth dress carries diaries on MaeGalmodcloth shirt carries diaries on MaeGal

Have you seen the show The Carrie Diaries? It follows a young Carrie Bradshaw back back long before the Sex and the City we all know (or at least I knew it well, haha). I was always a pretty big fan of Carried Bradshaw as well as the other ladies. I was excited when I first heard that they made The Carrie Diaries. I watched the first couple episodes on Hulu, but then school and work and being busy caught up with me. Now that the season finale is done, I’m going to try and watch all the episodes before the next season. Continue reading to learn more about the fashion, and leave a comment telling me which outfit you like best!

One of the reasons I’ve always loved Carrie Bradshaw is her sense of style. It’s not often something I would wear, or at least pair as she does, but I also enjoy it. The young Carries was just as much of a fashionista as her future self. The three looks you see above were featured in the season finale episode. My favorite piece above is probably the one of the right side, the Music in Me Skirt in Mix Tape from ModCloth.I could picture myself wearing that, and in fact I quite like it! The other pieces as also from ModCloth. Super cute, but not my style, unlike the skirt.

Which piece of those above do you like best?

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