Tasty Tuesday: What I Ate Edition

corn dog on maegal
From the freezer corn dogs, because sometimes I need a junk food fix.

So, I thought I would share with you all pictures of some recent eats of mine that I photographed. I swear I eat healthier food than what you see! I just always seem to photograph the sugary goods. Haha.

If you like this ‘Tasty Tuesday’ post let me know in a comments below and I’ll do it again as soon as I acquire more food shots!

Continue on to see this round up of food pictures.

dumplings on maegal
Dumplings from a delicious place in my college down. It’s the best when you’ve been out drinking, too. 😉
iced coffee starbucks on maegal
I have very long Thursdays this quarter, 10-5:30 class and then work with only one 30 minute break. So coffee is a relaxing little break in the day. Iced coffee with milk, and an unpictured coffee cake.

spicy jalapeno sushi on maegal
Delicious spicy jalapeno sushi that I got last week. I also posted a picture to my FaceBook page if you’re wondering why it looks familiar to you.
cheese meat crackers on maegal
I had a little snack; crackers with cheese, meat and a dot of mustard. Yummy.

cupcake chocolate strawberries on maegal
A chocolate cupcake with strawberries and melted powdered sugar icing over top. Delicious.
What are some delicious things you’ve eaten recently?

sarah signature maegal

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