Final Quarter of University

I wrote this about a week ago and just now got around to deciding to post it. For the most part, nothing has changed, though I’m feeling better and less sad as this post seems to sound. The future is not clear, it’s not going to be easy, but I WILL make it.

Continue on to read said post.

As I begin my third week of the quarter, I have come to the understanding that this, my last quarter of school ever, will in fact be my hardest. Maybe not the hardest in the challenge level of the work, but rather the fact that there is just so much of it. One of my classes has me working on computer related sociology work with one assignment due at the end of the week, my other is a cultural literature study class of sorts (for my Humanities minor) requires a lot of reading and three papers, I’m a TA grading 16 weekly Statistics homework assignments, and lastly my senior sociology course has me writing weekly assignments that will culminate into part of my senior paper. I also work a couple hours a week after class until 5:30 three days a week, which makes my dats feel long (at least its light here until about 8pm now!) I guess I’m just busier than I though.

I apologize for the lack of activity this blog will inevitably be much less active in the next three months until graduation. Once I graduate and and back home (ideally just for the summer, but no more than a year!) I will be able to get back into blogging again more actively again. I’ll also have more time to make YouTube videos (my old fashion and beauty ones as well as new review for my blog style videos).

I’m probably also going to be doing less reviews, and cry only a little when my stats and social media take a fall. I’ll bounce back.

This here would be a picture I took tonight of two of the books I was reading for class.

This here is a picture of my desk actually being in use! It’s from last quarter, but I thought it was representative of how this quarter feels, full but doable.

These pictures were taken on my first last day of school ever. I thought I should get at least one with my backpack. And the face is just because, well, it was a shocking day! Haha. (By now I assume you’ve all gathered that I’m not normal. HA.)


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