Trailer Tuesday: Monsters University

monsters university on MaeGal

Is Trailer Tuesday a thing I can do? I mean, why not. I really do enjoy and appreciate the emails I receive that let me know about new movies and their trailers. I’d really like to try and get in the habit of sharing more with you! If you’re anything like me, you love a good trailer. I don’t often see movies in theatres or even once they come out on DVD, but I watch a TON of trailers. Continue on to see the trailer for Monsters University!

This is one of those pending new movie releases that is inciting all all of those individuals my age who were kids when this movie came out to be rather excited. I’ve seen all sorts of memes jokingly telling the kids to ‘get out of the way’ that us older ones have been ‘waiting years for this’. I know I have! I loved Monsters Inc, and it’s blasphemy to not like it.

Without further delay, the trailer to Monsters University– in theatres June 21st!

With Monsters University and Finding Dory this year is making out to be a great one for animated film! Specifically for Disney/Pixar. All of the animated films from my tween years are getting sequels, finally! I know I’m not the only one of my generation (and surrounding generations) to be excited! I mean, when Finding Dory was announced, my FaceBook feed was flooded with Find Nemo excitement.

What is your favorite Disney/Pixar animated film?
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