What I Wore: Week of 4/29

So, there really should be more picture here for this week, as I actually put in some effort this week. I’m missing the outfit I’m currently wearing because it’s not all great to photograph. The outfit I wore yesterday is also missing simply because I never got around to getting to that one and only full length mirror I have access to. I could have asked my sister to help take a picture for me like a normal person, but I’m weird. SO YEAH, that’s this weeks little tale. Let’s see what the following week brings. …and let’s not get too excited about these ‘What I Wore’ posts, because I never dress continually with effort for long. Continue on to see two more outfits!

Outfit One. ^
This first outfit is probably my favorite of the week, because those pants are just so grand. Paired with a white shirt, cardigan and the sandals I’ll be wearing nearly daily for the next couple months.

Pants- from Buffalo Exchange
Shirt- from Forever 21
Cardigan- from Ross
Sandals- from Walmart

Outfit Two. ^
This is the boring, traditional-for-me, jeans and t-shirt look. It makes me feel less t-shirt and jeans, though, because they’re dark wash skinnies paired with sandals and a shirt that’s a bit fancy than a plain tee.

Pants- from Ross
Shirt- from Ross
Cardigan- from Gottschalks
Sandals- from Walmart

Outfit Three. ^
This here is an example of one of the few times I try and be brave; wearing a braided belt with a slouchy tank top, cardigan, jeans and sandals. And I’m wearing a necklace, too! That never happens. I enjoy yellow and pink paired together, though some may not.

Pants- from Ross
Tank top- form Forever 21
Sandals- from Walmart
Belt- from GoodWill
Cardigan- from Ross
Necklace- from SoBeautifullyBroken

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’ll now realize 75% of my wardrobe is from Forever 21 or Ross. Haha. And out of the remaining 25%, about 20% is from Plato’s Closet, GoodWill or another second hand store. I don’t like spending much on clothing, and this is how it seems to work best for me. Cute clothes and never spending too much!

How much second hand shopping do you do?


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