Trailer Tuesday: Iron Man 3 — in theatres now!

iron man 3 cover on MaeGal

So long as I remember and have trailer of interest to show you all, I might as well continue on with this whole ‘Trailer Tuesday’ shenanigans I seem to have started as of last week. Again this week I’m bringing you a short and sweet post with just a trailer to watch. Continue on to see the Iron Man 3 trailer.  

Iron Man 3 is already in theatres, and I’m sure plenty of you have already seen it. I probably won’t end up seeing in in theatres simply because I don’t get to the theatres to see movies unless I’m with my boyfriend. It’s just not something I really think to do, I guess. But I often see movies once they come out on DVD or on Netflix. I’ll certainly watch Iron Man 3 at some point, considering I’ve watched and enjoyed the other Iron Man movies.

Without further delay, the trailer;

Have you seen any of the Iron Man movies?

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